Dalmazia Beach Club how it used to be.

Imagine a beach far from everyday stress, surrounded by a landscape in a sweeping panorama that seems painted. On the one hand, the mountains sculpted by the wind and on the other the deep blue of the sea: a charm to be unveiled to the world.

At Dalmazia Beach Club, you arrive in an oasis dedicated to relaxation and the pleasure of sharing family moments in the simplest of ways, in an authentic atmosphere, inspired by the values of the original Forte Dei Marmi lifestyle.

Dalmazia Beach Club in Forte dei Marmi is a historic beach establishment, which dates back to the early 50s. The entrance to Dalmazia is right next to the historic Capannina di Franceschi and upon your arrival; you will discover one of the largest and most exclusive beaches of Forte dei Marmi. The pergola, the garden and the vast beach have all been kept has they were maintaining their luxurious touch.